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Networking solutions cover a broad range of products and systems. From small offices to large, multi-national corporations, the key to networking is scalability. Choose the networking solutions that are right for you now, and will remain right as your company grows. Here are the solutions we are authorized to represent and happy to recommend:

Windows® 2003 - rapidly becoming the server solution of choice for it's scalability, security and stability. Most of our new and existing clients are switching over to 2003. With our vast experience with this product this is one that we encourage our clients to use.

Novell Server - a widely used solution in server based applications as well as web applications, Novell is still a strong server and instability is a non-issue with this system. Numerous applications are designed to operate only on a Novell System.

Artisoft Lantastic - a solution used in a small office environments where there is a need for communications between varying operating systems. The program allows for file sharing and printer sharing across the network.

Windows Peer to Peer networking – another viable solution in the small office environment that requires no need for a Network Server.

Oracle® Alliance partner – we a proud to partner with Oracle, utilizing Oracle's suite of tools as our primary Client/Server technology system.


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